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Half a Fortnight

On the forest of life, once I found,
A blooming flower, on top of a mound,
So elegant, so calm, Oh! did it astound,
In all its wonder I was caught and bound

Before I think and before I speak,
It cast a spell, with a blinding streak,
To thwart its effect, I am too weak,
A growing love that will never peak

A soul so deep, you can never fill,
A sink of energy that will never spill,
Such is the valiance, the courage and will,
If not a lung, you will have a gill

Unquestionable, it has been from birth,
Your heart dwells in an ocean of mirth,
It is to me, as Sun is to Earth,
Feeding life, to quench its dearth

A drop of water, on a blade of grass,
Its fate rests on the winds that pass,
Oh my bliss! it’s nothing but a glass,
Hoisted on the mercy of you lass

Words spoken, Words written—put their strengths to test,
The former triumphs, no doubt it’s best,
So few, So much—invert that, dearest
Oh my! what it would bring, in the form of zest

Two souls raft, down a river they dart,
Will one fall? refuse they to part,
Can you decline, true to your heart?
Hasn’t it been joyous? hitherto from start


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  1. Theekshana Theekshana

    Very beautiful! Well imagined!


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